About Us

OEM Replacements

AB Catalytic is a 'Manufacturer' of Catalytic Converters and pre-bent direct fit exhaust. Operating out of a 50, 000 square foot facility. AB Catalytic has the ability to bend and cut tube, end finish, seam weld, rotary weld, stamp, CNC plasma cut as well as machine. Our extensive list of machinery allows us the flexibility and control to produce current parts and develop new parts quickly and efficiently. We have been in business for over 20 years making quality aftermarket catalytic converters. Our products are EPA approved and we offer multiple loadings to meet today’s strict emissions requirements. We have developed the most extensive line of converters in North America, if not the world and we are proud to offer excellent products that fit and function at competitive prices.



Our History

Initially, we started producing converters mainly for BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar but we quickly responded to the market demands for a complete line of catalytic converters for both cars and trucks, Import and Domestic. We have also expanded further into the exhaust market and manufacture short line direct-fit pipes and mufflers.

Versatility has got us to where we are today, and we remain on the cutting edge of the Direct Fit Catalytic Converter aftermarket.